The Evaluation pane is designed to capture evaluations for the officials in an Area. 

This is an activity that follows the tournament. If you want to see the evaluations for an official you are considering for a job, click on their name in the Teams pane. Both their application and evaluations will be listed.

Evaluations can come from a number of people: 

  • Head Appraisers
  • ICMs
  • Program Directors
  • Staff
  • Head Appraisers: They do not have access to this wizard. They will use a similar page (Officials => enter evaluations) for this purpose.

The Evaluations pane will primarily be used by ICMs and Program Directors. Staff who may be involved in entering older evaluations will find the pane Eval Actions designed to simplify that task.

Like the Teams pane, the Evaluations pane works on one Area at a time. The Areas you have responsibility for are listed in the Area dropdown in the Choose Area box. Clicking on Select will make the selected area the focus of the pane. Clicking on Display Evals will display all evaluations for the current tournament for this Area. You will also see a list of the evaluations in 1 or 2 boxes below Choose Area. The first box lists all your evaluations. If you are a Program Director or Staff, the second box lists all other evaluation for the Area. By clicking on either the pencil icon (for edit) or the red (for delete), you can edit or delete an evaluation.

Another way to create or edit an evaluation is to pick the person you wish to review in the Add an Evaluation box. After selecting the official in the Official dropdown, click on Add and an editor will appear to capture your review.

The evaluation editor has 3 parts:

  1. an area to enter or edit your evaluation 
    This part of the editor includes a toolbar that will let you bold or italicize segments of the text, You can also enter numbered or bulleted lists in addition to standard paragraphs of text.
  2. an Invite-Back dropdown where you indicate if the official should be invited back
    Your choices include: 
    • unknown: the initial state, please change
    • yes: indicating you think the official should be invited back
    • no: indicating you do not think the official should be invited back
    • yes - different job: invite the official back, but she should not do the same job
  1. a Save button where you save your edits