The Teams pane is where the teams of officials are built.

The Team pane shows one Area at a time. The Areas you can edit are in the Area dropdown in the upper right. Most ICMs only have responsibility for a single Area (thus the dropdown has only one entry). Program Directors and Staff can see all of the Areas. You can get the Team pane to focus on a particular Area by choosing the Area and clicking on Select.

Let's now concentrate on the data in the tables. As we stated earlier, an Area can be divided into different Sites. For example, Chal A typically has an elementary, middle, and secondary/university site. As a result the officials assigned jobs will be displayed down the page in 3 tables (one for each Site). At the bottom of the page are the officials that are assigned to the displayed Area that do not currently have a job. Considerable information is displayed for each official. As was true in the Officials panel, if you click on an official's name, her application and evaluations will be displayed in a separate browser window.

If you find an official in the bottom table you want to assign to a job, pick her using the Candidate dropdown in the Assign Official a Job box near the top of the screen. Also pick a job and a site for her. Then click on the Add button.

If you want to remove an official from a job, click on the red icon to the left of their name.

The Teams pane also has an Export button that will create a .CSV spreadsheet of the officials listed in the Area.