If you look in any of the Team-Challenge Challenge Master Guides, you will see suggested the distribution of score items based on the number of scoring appraisers on your appraisal team.  Tournament=>Appraisers; Assign Score Items tab lets a challenge master or head appraiser assign the items each appraiser will score for a tournament.  In the left dropdown to the right of the Copy button, you can choose a suggested set of items as appear in the Challenge Master Guides.

How is the Resource Area informed of these appraiser assignments?

An XML file name {year}_asgset.xml with the assignments is placed in the directory that holds the scoring definitions of each of the challenges.  For example:


holds the appraiser assignments for 2022. The format of this file is illustrated below:

<asgsets year="2022">

       <challenge letter="A">

               <asgset count="4" name="1">A1:A2:A3:A4:B1:B2:B3:B4</asgset>

               <asgset count="4" name="2">A1:A2:A3:A4:B1:B2:B3:B4</asgset>

               <asgset count="4" name="3">C1:C2:C3:C4:D1:D2:D3:E1:E2:E3</asgset>

               <asgset count="4" name="4">C1:C2:C3:C4:D1:D2:D3:E1:E2:E3</asgset>


               <asgset count="5" name="1">A1:A2:A3:A4:B1:B2:B3:B4</asgset>

               <asgset count="5" name="2">A1:A2:A3:A4:B1:B2:B3:B4</asgset>

               <asgset count="5" name="3">A1:A2:A3:A4:B1:B2:B3:B4</asgset>

               <asgset count="5" name="4">C1:C2:C3:C4:D1:D2:D3:E1:E2:E3</asgset>

               <asgset count="5" name="5">C1:C2:C3:C4:D1:D2:D3:E1:E2:E3</asgset>


       <challenge letter="B">

               <asgset count="3" name="1">A1:A2:A3:B1:B2:C1:D1:D2:D3</asgset>



The screenshot below illustrates where the appraiser assignments for the Technical Challenge (A) above appear for a challenge master to use.  In this XML file:

  • the page below is Tournaments=>appraisers; Assign Score Items tab
  • <challenge letter="A"> states these assignments are for challenge A
  • <asgset count="4" name="1">A1:A2:A3:A4:B1:B2:B3:B4</asgset> states
    • this is the definition of suggested-appr-1 (name="1")
    • when the number of scoring appraisers is 5 (count="5")
    • the scoring items to assign are: A1:A2:A3:A4:B1:B2:B3:B4

This XML file is loaded into the Resource Area from Admin=>manage scoring; Initialize Appraiser Assignments tab.  If you click on the Initialize button, the Resource Area will load the file {year}_asgset.xml that holds the year's definitions. The challenge scoring definitions need to be loaded before you attempt to load the assignments so the Resource Area can check A1 or B4 are scored items for the challenge (more here on loading challenge scoring definitions).

This page will also display current suggested appraiser assignments using the controls in View Appraiser Assignments.  This is a good way to verify the assignments against the tables in the Challenge Master Guides.