The forums / bulletin boards at are used by various roles within the organization to share ideas.  Among these are forums for each of the of the year's team challenges that are used by the International Challenge Masters to coordinate appraising of each of the challenges.

Access to these forum is based on holding specific roles within the organization.  For example,

  • ADs have access to Affiliate Director forum and all the challenge forums
  • Challenge Masters (ICMs, ACMs and RCMs) have access to the forum for their challenge

To minimize the work needed to limit access, the forums have been integrated with the Resource Area as follows:

  1. you use your DI credentials log into the forums
  2. as roles in the Resource Area change, membership in the forums are adjusted

The content of the forums is monitored by the people other than the IT staff.  The IT staff does play a role when it is time to setup for a new program year.