The Affiliates=>view appraisers page lists the appraisers that have appraised for the affiliate over the years.

This page is accessible to:

  • ADs, AAs and ACMs across all tournaments in their affiliate
  • RDs and RCMs in their regions

A screen shot of the page appears below.  The Filter area allows you to narrow the appraisers displayed. The Export button creates a .CSV file containing the filtered appraisers.  The Name column if clicked should start an email to the selected appraiser.

The right columns indicate if the system has any appraiser evaluations.  Clicking the icon will show you the evaluations. The other Evaluations columns indicate the number of evaluations that suggest:

  • yes - the appraiser be asked appraise again
  • no - the appraiser not be asked to appraise
  • new - the appraiser be asked back but in a different job