The Affiliates=>manage events page will setup affiliate events such as a tournament or a training.

  • An AD can setup any event within the affiliate
  • An RD can setup events within their regions

The most common type of event in an affiliate is a tournament.

We strongly encourage affiliates to add their tournaments using this page as it helps others such as Team Managers, Appraisers, and the DI Staff know the dates of your events.

Adding other events such as trainings might help alums away at college find your events.  They may volunteer to help you out as an appraiser or lead a workshop.

The controls at the top of the page work as follows:

  • The Add Event button will add a new event
    To learn more about adding an event, click here.
  • The Add Prior Years Events button will replicate last year's events to this season.  This is typically used at the start of a new season particularly if many of the events are the same this season as last.  We need to guess at the date of the event in the new season.  Use the edit button (described below) to correct bad dates.  This button will not override any events already in place; it will simply add an event from last year that is not currently on the list.

The current list of events in the affiliate (or regions for an RD), are listed at the bottom of the page.  There 2 additional controls for each event in the table:

  1. the icon will delete the event
  2. the icon will edit the event

Click here to learn more about defining affiliate events.