DIHQ started requiring background checks for team managers for the 2020-21 DI Season.

While the Resource Area limits the actions of team managers until they pass a background check, affiliates also need to limit activities at the Affiliate and Regional level until a team manager passes a background check. Team managers should not be the sole adult with team members until they have passed a check.  Thus team managers should not be bringing teams to trainings and competitions unless they have successfully passed a background check.

The Track Background Check page is designed to help an Affiliate monitor the status of background checks for your team managers.  You reach the page by picking Affiliates=>track background checks.

The legend near the top of the page aids in understanding status of each team manager:

  • unknown: indicates the team manager has not started the background check process
  • eligible: indicates the team manager has passed the background check
  • ineligible: indicates there was a problem discovered in the background check process - you can contact DIHQ to learn more
  • in-progress: indicates the background check has not completed yet
  • pending: indicates DIHQ is looking further into the background check

If you click on the icon of a row, you will see more information about the individual including the teams they are managing.