The Resource Area supports 2 kinds of events:

  • tournaments
  • trainings

The Add / Edit Event page shown below lets you describe some of the details of the event.

  • Kind selects if the event is a training or tournament
  • Event Name is the name used to identify the event
  • Format only shows up for tournaments and controls whether the tournament is
    • In Person: the traditional format of DI tournaments where kids present both the Team and Instant Challenge solutions during the tournament
    • Virtual: where both Team Challenge and Instant Challenge solutions are presented via video
  • Event Date (or Date of Awards Ceremony):
    The date entered here depends on the format of the tournament.  For In Person tournaments, it is the first day of in-person competition.  If your tournament is Virtual, this is the date of your Awards Ceremony.  In this case, videos are submitted well before this date and the appraisers have scored all the solutions prior to this date.  Virtual tournament have a timeline where this date is the culmination of the timeline.  For more on Virtual Tournament timeline:
    • click here for further explanation
    • click the Edit Tournament button to create the timeline
  • Region: for a regional event, the region the tournament is tied to
  • Location: typically the facility (such as a school) hosting the tournament.  For a Virtual tournament, you might say online.
  • Registration Link: if you have a website such as ( you use to register for this event, enter it here
  • Registration Due Date: if you have a deadline for your registration process, enter it here
  • Competitive Registration Fee / Rising Stars Registraion Fee: if your event has a fee to register for the event, click the checkbox and a control will be displayed to enter the fee.  Leave this unchecked if these fees are collected at the time team numbers are purchased.

If you are setting-up a DI tournament, the Edit Tournament button will be displayed.  If you click this button it will take you to another part of the Resource Area that will assist you in setting up your tournament.  This includes establishing a tournament timeline for Virtual tournaments and preparing use Mobile Scoring at your tournament.