Schedule Requests are requests by a team on when their TC and IC presentations should be scheduled at a tournament.

The Resource Area categorizes requests as follows:

  • a time request
    • our team cannot arrive at the tournament before a specific time
    • our team needs to leave the tournament at a specific time
  • a kid (team member) request
    • a kid on our team is also on the following teams at this tournament
  • a tm (team manager) request
    • one of our team managers is also managing other teams at this tournament
    • as the Resource Area knows all the team managers, you don't need to enter these requests
  • a family request
    • our team has siblings on the following teams at this tournament
    • we'd like to be able to see the other teams at our school

As you might expect, all of these do not necessarily carry the same weight.

  • most schedulers honor time requests provided they are reasonable
  • kid requests are likely the most important requests to handle
  • teams are expect to have backup plans for busy team managers so a scheduler does their best
  • family requests typically have the lowest priority

Depending on the mix of requests at a tournament, schedulers do their best to meet requests, but it is not always possible.

Both team managers and tournament officials can enter schedule requests.

Team managers can enter requests from Tournaments=>my tournaments as explained here.

Tournament Officials access to schedule requests is discussed here.