The Reserve pane is where you let us know that you are done registering the team.

The website will look through your team's registration for items you might have missed.  These are listed just above the Cancellation and Refund Policy box.  Below is an example of the issues area of the Reserve pane for a team that still has much work to do.  The Issue column describes the problem; the Severity column indicates what you will need to do about the problem.  The Severities are as follows:

  • info: just calling this to your attention; you can leave it as is if you want.  In the example, a team does not need a team name, however, if they have one, it might help identify the team.
  • warning: while you don't have to supply the information, we really would prefer that you do.  In the example, providing a check-in time lets all better plan.
  • fix: this is an issue you must fix; you will not be able to reserve without fixing it.  For example, we need to know your housing decision.

So where do you need to go to fix any of these issues?  If you click on the severity (info, warning or fix) for an issue, it will take you to the registration pane where you can address the issue.

Important dates in the registration process are listed in the Your Reservation box.  You can make changes such as adding a parent or dropping a sibling after you reserve.  The Cancellation and Refund Policy box lists the financial consequences of such changes.