One of your first activities when you arrive in Knoxville is to register on-site a TRECS on Andy Holt Blvd.

The Check-in pane lets you tell us when you expect to check-in.

Upon Leaving Registration you will have:

  • A housing assignment, instructions on where to get keys, and parking information
  • Your cafeteria location and wristbands to gain entrance
  • Event Passes to get you, the team, supporters and spectators into all events
  • A packet containing Global Finals information including seating tickets for Opening and Closing Ceremonies

So this is clearly an important first step.

We have over 1000 teams to register so here are a few points to remember:

  1. only team managers or adult representatives will be allowed in on-site registration.  
    The team, parents, supporters, and siblings need to remain outside, where they can take part in the entertainment and relax a bit.
  2. use the histogram on the Check-in pane to get an idea when registration will be busy (best to avoid those busy times)
  3. have your bill paid in full.   This will speed up the check-in process greatly.
  4. have your check-in paperwork.  You can print this in either of 2 places on this website
    1. Pay pane (Actions under the sidebar)
    2. print event checkin on My Account menu
  5. on-site registration is closed during Opening Ceremonies (5:30pm - 9:00pm Wed)