The Prep Steps a team typical goes through vary:

  • between Team Challenge vs Instant Challenge
  • based on the format of the tournament (eg virtual or in-person)

In all cases, the place to start is to understand when Prep needs to be completed.

  • In-Person Tournament
    • forms: prepared in advance of the tournament
    • prep check: is done on site at the tournament where the forms are reviewed
  • Virtual Tournament
    • forms: prepared online in advance of the tournament by the deadline
    • prep check:
      • submitting your Team Challenge Prep Checklist submits the Tournament Data Form and the Expense Report also
      • you will not be able to submit after the deadline
      • a Prep Area Appraiser will review your submission and get back to you if any issues are found

For an in-person tournament, there is just one tournament date, the date teams meet at the tournament site to compete. The Prep Check takes place on this date.

For a virtual tournament, there 2 submission dates to track:

  1. when your Instant Challenge need to be submitted
  2. when your Team Challenge needs to be submitted
    • note that the submission date for the Improv Challenge can be different than other Team Challenges

To confirm these dates, go to the Tournament Dashboard (Tournaments=>Dashboard).  It will list the significant dates for your tournament.

If the Prep Area Appraiser checks your forms in-person, you typically have an opportunity to make changes at that time.

If the Prep Area Appraiser checks your forms virtually, any issues found will be logged in The Team  / Official Message Area. Team Managers will also receive and email indicating a message was posted.  You can use this Message Area to send a message back to the Appraisal Team. This Message Area is the vehicle for managing any issue.

Click here for more on the Team / Official Message Area.