Your team can settle its bill in a variety of ways using this pane.

Let's start with a timeline:

  • to reserve a spot for your team, DIHQ must receive your $1500 deposit within two weeks of your Affiliate tournament
  • finalize and reserve your team (Reserve pane) as soon as you can, however, this must be done by the date listed on the Reserve pane (typically the first Friday in May).
  • final payment is due to DIHQ by the date listed on the Reserve pane

DI accepts payment in several forms:

  • credit card (you will see these posted to your account as you use the Pay pane)
  • check or money order
  • wire transfer from your bank to ours (there is an additional charge of $35 added for each wire transfer)
  • purchase order: once we receive your purchase order (can be faxed, emailed or sent through the mail), we will bill the listed organization for the funds

As payments and purchase order are received by DIHQ, you will see them listed on the Pay pane (and in the sidebar).  Purchase orders are listed but do not reduce your balance as they are a guarantee to make a payment.  A purchase order from a reputable organization such as a school is adequate to meet your team's initial payment or cover the final payment.

You may pay your team's bill with one or more payments.  If any of the payments are a donation that DI should acknowledge, please indicate with the payment (these are normally done by check).

The Pay pane is also able to print out various documents you might need as part of the payment process.  You will find links for creating these documents in the Actions box below the sidebar.  The documents include:

  • an initial deposit invoice
  • a balance due invoice
  • the paperwork needed to check-in on-site
    Note that we ask each team to print this on-site report and bring it to Global Finals as a part of your check-in.