A region is a geographical area within an affiliate. Organizations within the geographic boundaries of a region will send their teams to its regional tournament to compete.

The Affiliates=>Manage Regions page lets an AD manage the regions within their affiliate.

There are 2 buttons in the Display Controls area on the page that will create new regions:

  • Add Prior Year Regions
    This button is typically used at the start of a new season. It will replicated the regions from the prior year to the new season. Note that operation will only add a region if it is not already a part of the current season (so you need not worry about regions already established for the season being reset).
  • Add Region
    This button will solicit the information needed to define a new region.

An example of the current regions in an affiliate are shown below.

You can delete a region by clicking on icon. If you delete a region:

  • the teams assigned to the region become unassigned
  • any events associated with the region are deleted
  • any roles (RD, RCMs) are deleted

You can edit a region by clicking on icon. This will bring you to the edit region page.

Another useful piece of information is the number of teams not currently assigned to a region.  If a team is not assigned to a region, it does not know its Regional Tournament.  For more on assigning teams to regions check here.

For more on the properties of a region, check here.