The Assign Regions page lets you assign teams to regions in your affiliate.

Note that if you can format this information as a spread sheet (.CSV) file, you might be able to set your regions using import.

The controls on the upper right side of the page let you:

  • reduce or expand the number of teams displayed by filtering the teams listed
    • setting the Region filter to not-set will show only the teams that have not been assigned to a region
  • sort the information displayed
  • auto assign teams to regions (explained below)

The table (see example below) includes 2 controls for each team

  • a dropdown control in the Region column that lets you change the region for a team quickly
  • by clicking on the icon in the Modify column you can edit the team (including the region and other info)
    • for more on editing a team, click here

Assigning teams to regions is an activity that is done repeatedly early in the DI season.  New team numbers are purchased through time and you likely want to assign them to a region so the regional staff (such as the Regional Director) and the team know the regional where they will perform.

Here are some thoughts on doing this efficiently:

  • by default the page will list teams not assigned to a region (Region set to not-set in the filter)
    If no teams are listed, you have no new teams to assign.
  • when you have a few teams from each organization, just use the dropdown in the Region column to set the correct region
    If you want to check where you assigned the organization earlier, place the name of the organization in the Organization field and set Region to all.  This should list all the teams in that organization.  You might want to use wildcards in the organization name if you are uncertain of the spelling of the organization (eg *mesquite* will match any team with mesquite in its organization).
  • when you have multiple teams from the same organization, consider auto assign
    Clicking on the Auto Assign button will
    • find all the teams not assigned to a region and find their coordinator
    • it will them look to see if that coordinator has teams that are assigned to regions in your affiliate
    • if the coordinator's teams are assigned to a single region in your affiliate, it will assign the team to the same region