To import a team schedule from a spread sheet, click the menu pick Tournaments=>teams and then click on the Import Teams pane.


The screen shot below shows this page:

Most people's first question is "what data must I supply?".  The simplest way to understand this is to export a starter schedule using the Export Starter List button.  If you do this, you should get s spread sheet (.CSV) you can study.  Note that the spread sheet you import can have the columns in any order.  You will have a row per team.  A more detailed description of the data is described here.

Once you have assembled your team list, you can import it as follows:

  1. check if your team list is locked (it isn't in the screen shot above)
    A locked team list is a precaution against a lot of work being undone if you replace the team list.  You can click Unlock or Lock buttons to unlock or lock the team list.
  2. click the Choose File button to select the file you will import
  3. click the Import Teams button to start the import process

You should now see a page that lets you select the columns the importer should read.  Click here for more.