A split is necessary when their are too many teams in a Challenge-level for a room of appraisers to appraise. (click here for more on rooms

Let's say a team of appraisers can see 15 teams at a tournament.  B-EL has 15; B-ML has 8; B-SL has 7. If the scheduler breaks it up as:

  • B-EL is in room B1 (total of 15 leams)
  • B-ML, B-SL is in room B2 (total of 15 teams)

Then there is no need for a split as each Challenge-level is seen by a single room of appraisers.

Let's say the scheduler handle this as follows:

  • 8 B-EL + B-SL in 1st room (total of 15 teams)
  • 7 B-EL + B-ML in 2nd room (total of 15 teams)

We now have B-EL teams being seen by 2 different rooms of appraisers so we have a split.

Why is this important?  The Scoring Program certainly needs to know about it as the 2 groups of B-EL are no longer competing against one another.  Each will advance its own teams.

If you did not designate a split in your team list, the team list importer will start issuing errors as it sees that all of B-EL is not being seen by a single room of appraisers.

This is simply solved by adding a split column to your spread sheet.  A split is indicated by a single letter such as 

  • D for one split and I for the other
  • blank for one split and X for the other
  • N for one split and H for the other

For each team involved in a split, place the single character in the split column telling the importer where the team belongs.

The Resource Area can check your tournament to see that your splits are set up properly.  

  • if you are using the Scheduler, go to the Collect Teams page.  You will see the Check Splits button in the Misc Actions that will check the splits in your tournament teams are correct.
  • if you are using a .CSV for your schedule, pick the Check Teams red tab under schedule. The Check Splits button is on this page.

Note: the Scoring Program talks about splits in a slightly different but equivalent way.  The standard levels in the Scoring Program are EL ML SL and UL.  You can add new level such as EL-N and EL-H to indicate a split.