The Offer Filter controls the offers listed at the the bottom of the Assign Appraisers from Offer page.

The filter has 5 controls:

  • Assignments: display offers where the person has this number of assignments already at the tournament
    none is a useful choice as the list of offers will be those that have not been given assigned to a room.

  • Experience: at how many tournaments has the appraiser already appraised
    This allows you to select new appraisers (none) or experienced appraisers (1..)

  • Job: display offers where the person rated a specific job somewhat appealing or very appealing
    Offers let potential appraisers rate whether they would like to do specific jobs.  The rating are listed and color coded in the offer list.  If you pick a specific job, you will see only offers where the person indicated that job is somewhat appealing or very appealing. 

  • Challenge: display offers where the person rated a specific challenge somewhat appealing or very appealing
    Like Job, the offers displayed is limited to those where the person indicated the challenge was somewhat appealing or very appealing.

  • Last Name: display offers where the person's last name matches
    You can use a specific name or a wildcard such as b* to indicate all offers where the last name starts with B or b.

If you have a long list of offers and are looking for a prep appraiser for the improv challenge, the Job and Challenge filters would help you do this quickly.

The filters are also useful when using Auto Assign.  Auto Assign is feed the list of offers controlled by Offer Filter.  For example if you want to have the Auto Assign function initial assign experienced appraisers, set the Experience filter.  The Auto Assign function will then see only experienced appraisers.