The primary information describing your team includes:

  • your organization: typically the school or program that purchased your team numbers
  • your team name: a phrase selected by the team to describe their team
  • your location: the town where your organization resides
  • your affiliate: the DI affiliate that sponsors your team
  • your challenge: one of the DI challenges for the year
  • your level: one of the five level of competition determined by the age or grade level of your team members
  • your team coordinator
  • your team managers

The initial values of these field are derived from different locations.  Organization, location, and affiliate comes from the initial purchase of the team number.  Challenge and level are established by your team member choices and how your team competed at regional and affiliate tournaments.

You can edit some of this information such as the organization, team name and location by clicking on the Modify button.  If you need to change other values (such as your challenge or level), call the office at 888-321-1503.

More on the team coordinator and team managers:

The people listed in the Team Coordinator & Team Managers area should all be able to edit the team's Global Finals registration.  The email address listed is the email part of their DI Account credentials.

By clicking on the Modify button, you can adjust who is listed.

Let's distinguish 2 groups of people associated with a team:

  • those that can assist in registering the team
    This is the list on the Team Info pane.
  • those that will accompany the team to Global Finals
    This is the list on the Attendees pane.