Team Registration consists of a set of panes.  Each pane collects information about your team and/or information on your planned stay at Global Finals.



Team Info

basic info on the team including the language spoken and the team managers


your housing choice and teams you wish to be housed near you


your team members and family members being housed with the team


how we can contact your team at Global Finals

Special Requests

details we should know about your team such as dietary restrictions and when you will arrive


paying for your team's stay at Global Finals


letting us know when you plan to register your team on-site


letting us know you are done with your team registration

There are 2 ways to navigate through registration:

  1. start at the first pane and use the Continue buttons near the bottom of each pane to advance to the next pane
    The Continue button will save changes you have made before advancing to the next pane.  The panes are in a logical order and do tend to build on one another.

  2. click on the pane name in the wizard bar and jump to that pane
    When you switch panes using this technique, the changes you made to the current pane are not saved.