The Certify pane manages the final step in the team certification process. During this step, you:

  • confirm that the team data you have entered is correct and complete.  
  • once an affiliate's teams are successfully certified, an email is sent to the team coordinator and each team manager directing them to this website to complete the registration process for their team.

Like the Affiliate Winners pane, near the top of the pane is a summary of the certification of the affiliate.

The pane also does an analysis of the teams identified in the first step.  If it finds any errors (such as missing challenge), the errors are listed (see review in the example below).  If there are errors, you will not be able to certify the teams (in fact, the Certify button will not be displayed).

The analysis categorizes issues as:

  • errors that will block certification
  • warnings that will just bring points to your attention such as being below your allotment of teams

If you have errors, use the Edit Winners pane to make the corrections.  While you can re-import, this will delete the existing teams before entering the teams in your import file.  This would loose any other changes not in the import file.

If your affiliate has a set of ties, there may be an error stating that the number of teams you are advancing exceeds your allotment.  Don't panic.  Check for any errors.  If all is correct call the office at 888-321-1503 and they can certify your affiliate for you.

As stated above, at the point you certify your teams, an email will be sent to the team coordinator and team managers of each of your teams.  This email will congratulate them on advancing to Global Finals and direct them to this website to begin the process of identifying their team members, adults, housing needs, etc.  The registration process provides the opportunity to identify additional team managers (that will also be able to edit the team's registration).  

Another possibility is that one of your teams in unable to attend Global Finals.  If this occurs shortly after your affiliate tournament, typically the next place team is advanced to Global Finals.  Please call the office at 888-321-1503 and ask for them to reopen your certification so you can recertify with a new team.