This pane lists the Team Coordinator (TC) and Team Managers (TM) for each team.

These are the individuals that will be able to assist in registering the team for Global Finals.

You can add, remove, edit or replace these people by clicking on the pencil icon in the Edit column.  This will take you to a page where you can adjust who is playing various roles for the team. In fact, the mechanism for changing the team coordinators and team managers is the same as it is in the Resource Area.

Since every team has a team coordinator, there will also be at least one person that is listed.

The list of people is important for a number of reasons:

  • when we need to contact the teams via email, this is the set of people contacted
  • this is the set of people that can change the status of the team.  For example each:
    • can accept or decline the invitation to attend Global Finals
    • can make payments for the team
    • can print out invoices for the team
    • can do any step in the registration process

This list will let you know who should have access to each of the teams.