This website is designed to help with the management of both Place and Special Awards at Global Finals.  The role the website plays in determining awards varies (as explained below).  The management role consist of providing the staff running Closing Ceremonies some of the information they need to run that event.

Place Awards include 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each Challenge Level.  Determining the place finishes of teams is the job of the Scoring Program.  This website can import the results computed by the Scoring Program and integrate them with Special Awards.

Special Awards are awards largely issued by appraisers to call special attention to teams whose performances are worthy of special note. The website supports the creation and approval of these awards.  At the current time, the websites supports:

  • daVinci awards
  • Renaissance awards
  • Spirit of DI awards
  • Service Learning Torch Bearer awards

The information supplied by the website to assist with Closing Ceremonies includes:

  • a complete list of the team's being recognized in the order specified by the Closing Ceremonies Event team
  • a podium version of the complete list used by the announcers
  • spreadsheets used by the UT video team to prep the arena jumbo-trons

The awards process is controlled by the Awards Wizard that can be reached from the awards menu pick on the Officials menu.

Links for more detail: