The Special Awards supported by the website include:

  • daVinci awards
  • Renaissance awards
  • Spirit of DI awards
  • Project Outreach Torch Bearer awards

You can find the Special Awards wizard on the Officials menu using the awards menu pick .

The creation and approval of special awards involves:

  • an official initially drafts the award
  • the official submits the award for approval by the ICMs
  • the ICMs review submitted awards, approve or decline each one
    • an award approved by the ICMs is forwarded to the Program Directors
  • the Program Directors review each icm-approved award and make the final decision

The wizard has several advantages over the old paper approach:

  1. since the people involved are connected by a website (internet), none of them need to be co-located
  2. each role in the process (drafting official, ICMs, and Program Directors) can quickly see and review awards in the pipeline
    • drafting officials can see the awards they author
    • ICMs can see the awards for their challenge
      • team challenge ICMs see the team challenge awards for their challenge
      • instant challenge ICMs see all instant challenge awards
    • Program Directors can see all awards
  1. after the process completes, the approved awards can be distributed quickly 

As a part of the Awards process, each challenge level goes through a series of states:

    1. Open: officials can enter awards
    2. Apprs-done: no new awards can be drafted, ICMs and Program Directors can finish their approval
    3. Done: the award process is complete

Both the ICMs and the Program Directors can control the state of individual challenge levels.  Setting a challenge level to Apprs-done stops any more awards for that challenge-level being submitted.  Setting a challenge level to Done tells the folks running the Closing Ceremony that the Special Awards process has ended for that challenge level.