Many find it useful to evaluate the appraisers that volunteered at their tournaments.  This can make it easier to build appraiser teams at later tournaments.

The Resource Area supports appraiser evaluations as follows:

  • Head Appraisers, Challenge Masters, and other tournament officials such as the Regional Director can enter one or more evaluations
  • When browsing appraisers, Challenge Masters and tournament officials can review past evaluations
  • An evaluation is:
    • connected to an appraiser in a room at a tournament and the author of the evaluation
    • a simple rating scheme
      • invite the appraiser back
      • don't invite the appraiser back
      • invite the appraiser back in a different job
    • a paragraph explanation

Evaluations can be entered from Tournaments=>appraisers menu, Evaluate Appraisers red tab. More detail on entering evaluations is covered here.

Reviewing past tournament evaluation can be done from Affiliates=>view appraisers. For more detail on this topic, click here.