An important part of answering clarifications as an ICM is to provide consistent answers.  When 2 teams face-off at a tournament, the appraisers need to appraise their solutions consistently with any clarifications the team has received.  They also need to appraise the 2 teams consistently with one another.  This requires that the answers to clarifications be consistent.

When ICMs review several hundred clarifications, keeping answers consistent is itself a challenge.  Tags are one way to do this.

The idea behind tags is that each ICM team can develop over time a set of terms that describe a recurring topic that shows up in the clarifications they are answering.  This set of topics is usually challenge specific.  For the technical challenge, the list for a specific year might include:

  • vehicle
  • battery substitutes
  • unopened containers
  • OPS
  • story integration

Each of these phrases becomes a tag.  You can then tag clarifications with one or more tags.  To quickly find a set of clarifications that involve this topic, you can search topics by tag.

To define a new tag for your challenge , use the Misc Action pane.

You can associate one or more tags with a clarification when you answer the clarification.

One of the filters on the Answer Clarification pane is to filter by tag.