As you craft answers to clarifications, you will find that you might want to offer the same answer you have offered previously.  If this is the case, you can save some text as a Saved Response.  Another term used for this feature is a template.

One Saved Response you might want to start with is a signature.  The clarification system does not append a signature to the emails it sends so most ICM teams conclude there clarification with a signature such as:

We're ready for your team to make us Laugh Art Loud!

Dan and Emily

Your Laugh Art Loud International Challenge Masters

If you make this a Saved Response, you can load it each time you start to write an answer and avoid much typing.  Note that recalling a Saved Response appends the saved text to the current clarification answer.  You can then customize the text as might be needed for this specific clarification.

You can have as many Saved Responses as you like.  Give each a name that will allow you to recall it later.