Setting up the Digital Open requires understanding its schedule.  The Program Directors have a detailed schedule for the event that covers most of the autumn.  Several of these dates are important to the Resource Area.

  1. challenge release date
    This is set using Admin=>track digital open; Misc Actions tab
  2. submission deadline for teams
  3. appraising of the solutions starts
  4. appeal deadline
  5. tournament date

  • Teams have between 1 and 2 to solve the challenge and submit their solution.
  • Prep starts review team submissions the day following the submission deadline. This can include dialog with the team to improve information they submitted (much like Prep Pre-check for an in-person tournament).
  • Appraisers start appraising the team at time #3 and should be done in advance of #4.
  • #5 is the date the results are released (closing ceremonies).

Admin=>track digital open; Misc Actions also has a button to create the Digital Open tournament. You can then edit the tournament to set the dates above.  This done by clicking Edit Timeline from the Edit Tournament page.  As the Digital Open has a few unique properties that are not editable from Edit Tournament, you need to use Create Tournament on Admin=>track digital open; Misc Actions to get these set.

For a team start editing their prep check list (the only online form for the Digital Open), the team must be assigned to a room.  The room assignment process is described here.

Having accomplished this, Teams=>my tournaments should properly give teams that have bought Digital Open team numbers access to the online forms they need to fill out for their submission.

Setup Notes:

  • setting up the Digital Open dates can we a bit challenging
    An approach that works is to start with the final date and work backwards in time.
  • the Digital Open uses Pacific Time (as the closing is after the clock are set to standard time - use PST)
  • you may need teams to test various features such as the prep checklist
    From and admin account the following will add DO teams:
    • Teams=>affiliate teams
    • pick affilaite: DI Virtual
    • a Create Teams area support creating a few test teams