As the Digital Open is a virtual tournament, submission of a team's solution is done using online forms.

We have been using a single online form for the Digital Open submission.  It is an IC Prep Checklist that traditionally includes:

  • a TDF style description of scored elements
  • an Expense Report
  • standard review of safety stuff
  • declaration of independence
  • optional script
  • required video(s)

This form needs to be developed with the Program Directors.  Internally the .XML file is called ic_{year}_do_prep.xml.  Typically the new year starts with the old year's .XML form.  The TDF style elements come from the challenge definition.

This can be added to the Resource Area like other online documents: Admin=>mobile scoring; Yearly Setup tab. Use Init IC Prep Checklists button picking the Digital Open in the dropdown.  Note that the file ic_{year}_do_prep.xml must be in place so the Resource Area can read it.