The XML files that describe the scoring of both team challenges and instant challenges should be in the directory:

common/modules/score/xml/{program_year}  where {program_year} is the year of the challenges.

Thus these XML files are stored in the Resource Area SVN repository.

Each challenge is in a separate .XML file.

There is another file ( Challenges.xml ) in this directory that maps a challenge to the XML that describes it.  When the Resource Area wants to load specific challenges, it uses Challenges.xml to determine the files to load.

Below is a part of Challenges.xml.  To find the Digital Open XML, the Resource Area looks for a challenge of type="do".  The shortName gives the name of the XML file (DO1.xml in this case).

For team challenges the Resource Area looks for type="tc".  ShortName gives the XML filenames.


    <challenge shortName="Instant" generic="true" type="ic">Generic Instant Challenge</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="R1" type="ic" format="in-person" level="entry">r1</challenge>


    <challenge shortName="G18" type="ic" format="in-person" level="entry">g18</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="DO1" type="do" format="virtual" level="all">DO: Lights, Camera, Action</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="ESCAPE" code="A" type="tc">A: Daring Escape</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="CLOSE" code="B" type="tc">B: Up Close</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="TALES" code="C" type="tc">C: Tricky Tales</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="FRENZY" code="D" type="tc">D: Festival Frenzy</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="ROLL" code="E" type="tc">E: Roll With It</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="FUTURE" code="P" type="tc">PO: For The Future</challenge>

    <challenge shortName="MONSTER" code="R" type="tc">RS: Monster Manners</challenge>


Challenges.xml makes it possible to identify both specific .XML files for a challenge or all team challenges.