Mobile Scoring does not require a lot of Resource Area setup by the DIHQ developers or staff.

The major task is the development of the scoring for the DI Scoring Program for the year.  This includes:

  • Scoring for each Team Challenge (typically 7 challenge)
    • Early Learning (aka Rising Stars) has a description even though it is not loaded into the Scoring Program)
  • Scoring for each Instant Challenge  - in 2022 this included
    • 22 for regional tournaments
    • 24 for affiliate tournaments
    • 19 for global finals
  • Scoring for the Digital Open (this looks like a Team Challenge but is actually implemented as an IC)

To make scoring work more smoothly, several facilities need to be consistent.  These facilities include:

  1. the printed challenge's definition of a challenge
  2. the DI Scoring Program's definition of a challenge
  3. the Mobile Client's definition of a challenge
  4. the Resource Area's definition of a challenge
    • score sheets
    • scoring items assigned to appraisers
    • entry / viewing of appraisers scores

The common source for consistent scoring item labels and descriptions is the XML files developed for the score sheets.  The Program Directors review this information during the summer months.  The text approved is then used by the Resource Area and the Mobile Client via text recorded for the score sheets.  This allows having definitions in languages other than English (something we have been working on).  The DI Scoring Program may have slightly different labels. As people running score rooms tend to refer to item as A1 or D3, inconsistencies are less of a problem.

The mechanics of scoring are dictated by XML files created by the DI Scoring Program team that are:

  • distributed with the DI Scoring Program each year
    These XML files define how the Scoring Program accepts scores and combines them to score a challenge.
  • read by the Resource Area to define each challenge
    • these definitions are used by the Resource Area where it needs them
    • are passed on to the Mobile Client when it loads for a specific appraiser
    • a slightly elaborated version of each XML file is loaded by the Resource Area.
      The elaboration is done by a script written by Kent Covert that makes it a bit easier for the Resource Area to understand what information in the XML file needs to be retained to combine scores.
    • Each item receiving a score has unique score_id that appear in both the Scoring Program XML and the score sheet definitions.  These score_ids are used to coordinate labels/description approved for score sheets in the Mobile Client.