2023 note: 

Score sheets play a less significant role due to Mobile Scoring.  Mobile Scoring captures appraiser score and deductions using a mobile device such as a cell phone, tablet or laptop. While appraisers might still like to see traditional score sheets, they do not need one per team as they  have in the past.  The traditional prep worksheet has also been replaced by an online form that handles prep.

The score sheets built with this facility are for regional and affiliate tournaments.  The Resource Area has code for merging regional and affiliate schedules into score sheets. Global Finals uses Mobile Scoring reducing the need for merge.  Global Finals is also an affiliate tournament for the DIHQ affiliate.  This tournament can be used to print score sheets if needed.

The score sheet facility is design to produce 2 types of score sheets 

  1. a standard blank score sheet where team information is entered either by hand or using a label
  2. a series of score sheets with team information automatically added based on the tournament schedule


The score sheets produced are PDF documents produced by web pages in the Resource Area. This means they can be printed from any computer that has access to the World Wide Web and can print PDFs (a combo supported by most modern computers and internet browsers).


The score sheets also fall into 2 general categories: 

  1. very regular score sheets designed to record the item scores of a challenge
    • these include appraiser score sheets and deduction score sheets
    • paper forms for holding stickies also fall into this category
  1. rather irregular sheets that are mainly text or change rather radically from year to year
    • these include individual challenge worksheets
    • prep checklist used to fall in this category, however, these days these are done with online forms


For the first of these, the facility tries to make it straightforward to create a consistent set of score sheets rapidly. A good bit of this is done by separating the content/text of the challenge from the structure of the forms.


In the second case, the facility will wrap a PDF with the standard score sheet constructs. The embedded PDFs can be generated using other tools such as MS Word or Excel.


Note that this facility is currently being used for team challenges, but not instant challenges. The design will work for instant challenge score sheets, however, there are greater concerns about security of IC score sheets. While a web site such as this could do much to improve the security of IC score sheets, we have not tackled IC score sheets yet.


The actual score sheet generated includes:

  • individual appraiser sheets 
  • deduction score sheets 
  • sticky note sheets 
  • individual challenge worksheet common in the technical and structure challenges 

The system also supports sheets for talking notes and signs (see misc section).