The Account Queue is a list of people that need a DI Account before they can be assigned a role.

How the Account Queue works

A person with the right to grant another a role (such as an AD for an RD or a MC for a TM) does not find an account for the person (eg an RD).  The site requests the name and email of the RD without an account (this is done at various points on this site).  The site then sends an email to the RD that includes a link to help the RD set up an account.  Once the account is setup, the person is granted the RD role.

In general, this process happens without the Staff needing to do anything.  One person (the requester / granter) causes an entry to be placed in the queue.  The person being granted the role creates the account which in turn triggers the role being set up.

The Account Queue is used for affiliate roles such as ACM, RCM, RD, RCM, etc.  It is also used for Team Coordinators (MC) and Team Managers(TM).

The Manage the Account Queue page

The User Account => manage account queue lets you see who is in the queue. The Status column can be:

  • pending: the person has not yet created the account
  • created: the person created the account

The Requested column indicates when the email was sent.  

As a staff member you can do the following to entries in the queue:

  • you can delete the queue entry using the icon
    • you might want to do this if there are duplicates, you get a call that someone was added in error, or the request is very old
    • one deleted, the link sent to the person will no longer work
  • if you click the icon you can edit the queue entry -- from here you can
    • change the name or email
      • this is useful if you know the name or email is incorrect
    • resend the email
      • this is useful if you edit the email address and want the request resent