Whose Who in the Score Sheet Generation

Score sheets are influenced and used by a bunch of people in different roles: 

  • challenge writers actual write the challenges and come up with the scoring items
  • editors then take the challenges and polish the words and presentation 
  • ICMs are responsible for supporting the challenges throughout the program year. This includes: 
    • prep area forms (now handled with online  forms)
    • worksheets (often designed by the ICMs for Scoring and approved by the ICMs)
    • answering questions on scoring of the challenge 
  • scoring program development team in that 
    • the score sheets are input to the scoring program so they'd best align
    • they support score rooms in the field 
  • program directors in that 
    • they tend to make program level decisions about scoring
  • score sheet developer -- to date this person has 
    • worked with the people in designing the score sheets for the year
    • adding features to the web site as needed 
    • creating the actual .XML files that drive the creation of score sheets

Many score sheets are laid out using a set of XML files.  These files control both:

  • the content on the page: quite easy for others to edit
  • the layout of the page: probably NOT easy for others to edit

As explained in the intro, there are also individual worksheets such as specific challenge worksheets that are typically created using MS Word and MS Excel.  

While the people above are used to reviewing the final product (PDFs), it is actually quite reasonable for others to work on the sources. .