Setting up the forums for a new year is done as follows:

  1. When roles are initialized for the new year (see Resource Area Annual Setup), the prior year challenge masters should lose their access to the corresponding forum.  As the challenge masters are assigned for the new year, the new challenge masters will gain access.
  2. The content of the some of the forums needs to be pruned
    • it is the challenge forums that need pruning as their content is dependent on this year's challenge
    • to prune a forum you need administrative access (this is where the IT Staff may need to be involved)
      • log into the Administrative Control Panel
      • on the Forums tab, pick Prune forums in the Manage Forums area on the left
      • select the forums to prune (typically the 7 challenge forums) and click on Select a forum
      • by not providing days, all days will be pruned
      • in general we would also prune old polls, announcements and stickies as all these items contain year specific info
      • click on Submit to prune the topics