Each of the Global Finals challenge rooms can be customized if needed.  Common reason to customize include:

  • a need to add or remove slots in the room
  • change the challenge levels the room serves
  • make a room a split
  • change the scheme used by the room
  • change the name of the room to reflect challenge level and or  splits

The screenshot below shows the pane for customizing a challenge room.  If all the rooms were created at once (more here), then both the name and short name have a pattern that you will want to preserve so they look consistent when displayed elsewhere in the scheduler.  Any of the SL/UL rooms show the naming conventions if multiple levels are in a room.

Use the Level checkboxes to add or remove levels.

Each of the schedule slots on the right side of the page is a dropdown.  You can change usage of slot for any specific time by using the dropdown to set the new usage.

For more information on splitting a room check here.