If you have more teams than can be scheduled in a room, you need to divide the teams into multiple rooms.  Each room will have a separate appraiser team and thus the teams will no longer be competing against one another.

Before splitting a room, check that it does not support multiple levels.  If it does, you can put the different levels in different rooms.  This will not effect who is competing against each other as different levels do not compete.

If all the teams schedule for this room will not fit, you will need to create a split.  You want to recognize this early in scheduling process as the teams current slotted for overfull room need to be removed from the room.  Once the additional room is created, the teams in this level need to be assigned to one of the two rooms.

To create a split:

  1. display the page Event=>schedule teams; Initialize Schedule on the red tab
  2. based on the room you wish to split, note the room kind (tc or ic) and its scheme
  3. select the scheme in correct Scheme dropdown in the Action area; then click either Add TC Room or Add IC Room based on the kind of the split room
  4. in the Add Room page presented, supply the details of the room
    By convention the splits are know as Orange (o) and Purple(p).  Add -o (eg tc-arts-el-o) to the short name and Orange to the name. Under split pick 2nd room.  When you click the Save button the new room will be created.
  5. Edit the other split and change the short name by adding -p (eg tc-art-el-p) and Purple to the full name. Click Save.
  6. display the Misc Actions red tab
  7. Click Clear Schedule to remove all teams from rooms
    This is why you want to do this early as it will unschedule the entire tournament.
  8. Click Pre-Schedule to place all the teams in rooms
    With the split in place, this step will now distribute the teams in split challenge levels between the split rooms.