There is not much work needed to setup clarifications for the year.  Clarifications do require that the challenges for the year be defined.  This is a step in the process of initializing the Resource Area.

The remaining steps include:

  • identifying the ICMs for the year
    1. go to administration=>manage roles
    2. since many ICMs from the prior year continue into the new year, click the Add Prior Year Roles button.
    3. delete those no longer in the role
    4. add the new ICMs
  • there are 2 site wide settings that control Clarifications
    • whether the system is open / enabled
      This controls whether people other than administrators, program directors and ICMs can access the system.  When the Resource Area is initialized, the clarifications should be closed.
    • the clarification cutoff time
      This is time when the clarification system will no longer accept any new clarifications.  Typically this date is Feb 1 of the program year.  More specifically the time is set to midnight between the 1st and 2nd West Coast time.  In program year 2023, this would be 2023-02-02 03:00:00.
    • to change either of these settings
      • go to administration=>manage site
      • click Settings on the left
      • click DI Website Settings on the right
      • the controls are Clarifications Enabled and Clarifications Cutoff Time