Once you have a livedoc in an XML file, you need to load the livedoc into the Resource Area.  The loading process will check the syntax and semantics of your livedoc and turn it into a collection of records the Resource Area then uses to render the Online Form.

The livedoc XML loader in on the Documents=>manage documents; LiveDoc Setup tab.

The Online Forms controls are:

  • Init TDFs
  • Init Expense Reports
  • Init TC Prep Checklists
  • Init IC Prep checklists

Each is followed by dropdown that lets you control the Online Form loaded.  Here is where the naming convention of the root files comes into play.  If you pick the Fine Arts challenge (C) in the Expense Report dropdown, the loader will look for the file c_2023_exp.xml ( {letter}_{year}_exp.xml ) to load. .

Once a livedoc is loaded, you can see its structure in the Current Online Forms table further down the page.

It is important to note that loading a new version of an Online Form will delete all the responses teams have entered for the prior version.  So you really want to make sure the Online Forms are correct before teams start filling them out.