No controls for import teams or a team manager pane

When you click on either the Teams or Tournament Schedule pane of Teams=>import / export, you see a message: import of team information is disabled for affiliate: <your-affiliate>.

Your AD has not enabled importing this information.  This is the default setting at the start of a season.  We want to be careful that the importing of information collected so far by the affiliate is not overwritten by an import file.

To enable import, select affiliate=>manage affiliate and enable import.

No teams or team manager pane in import teams

Why can't I see the Teams pane to import team information?

The Teams and Team Managers pane is limited to ADs and RDs (those that have the ability to edit teams in the affiliate / region). The can be a major inconvenience if your AD or RD doesn't tend to skills for importing information or relies on others to manage team information in your affiliate / region.

The Affiliate Administrator (AA) may be a solution.  This is a role that can be appointed by your AD to someone that has responsibility for managing team information.  An AA has almost all the rights of an AD.