Here are a list of frequently asked questions about background checks:

  1. Must I get a new background check each season?
    Yes - checks need to be updated annually.  Thus it is best to get a new one during the summer for the upcoming season.

  2. How are the checks paid for?
    You or your organization buys a coupon in the DI Store that will pay for the background check.  This coupon is typically purchased with the team number.  You will need the coupon code when starting the background check process.

  3. How does it work if I manage multiple teams?
    The same background check works for all the teams you manage.

  4. If our team has multiple team managers, do they all need a background check?

  5. Do Coordinators need background checks?

  6. Do Appraisers need background checks?
    DIHQ requires background checks for Global Finals, however, it is up to the affiliate as to whether they require them for Regional and Affiliate activities

  7. Can I use the background check required by my organization such as a school?
    If the check is done by Sterling Volunteers, it is a Level-3 check and occurred within the last 12 months, you can use it by sharing it through Sterling Volunteers.  Checks from other providers cannot be accepted.

  8. How do I share an existing Sterling Volunteers Level 3 check?
    Follow this link for how to do this.