The background check process takes place on 2 different websites:

  1. the Resource Area that collects some information Sterling Volunteers needs to initiate the check
  2. the Sterling Volunteers website where further information is collected

The Resource Area collects the following information:

  • your email address
    This is the email address you use to log into the Resource Area.  Both the Resource Area and Sterling Volunteers require you to have an account that is identified using an email address.  DI strongly suggests you use the same email address to identify both account.
  • your address
    Your default address dictates where the background check starts reviewing your history.  If the information displayed is incorrect, click the Change Address button to change this information.  Make sure you include your postal code, country, and state / province / county that you would normally use in sending a letter.
  • your date of birth
    Helps distinguish you from others during the background check process.
  • your coupon code
    The coupon that will be used to pay for the check.  A coupon can be purchased from the DI Store.

After supplying this information, click the Start Background Check button.  Your browser will be redirected to the Sterling Volunteers website.

The Sterling Volunteers website will take you through a few steps:

  1. verify your identity by asking a few questions
  2. creating a Sterling Volunteers account if you do not have one
  3. ask more questions needed to start the background check process
  4. begin the background check

The banner at the top of the Sterling Volunteers website looks like this: