When you import your schedule using a spreadsheet, the rooms at the tournament are defined in the spreadsheet you import.

Sometimes there is a need to do a bit of editing to these rooms:

  • perhaps you want to change the names of one or more rooms without importing again
  • perhaps more than one import was done using different names for the rooms

Whatever the reason, Edit Rooms allows a certain amount of editing of the rooms at your tournament.  You can:

  • rename individual rooms
  • remove teams from a room
    This does not remove the teams from the tournament, but it will require the teams be rescheduled in another room.
  • remove appraiser from a room
    This does not delete the appraisers, but moves them into the appropriate unassigned room.
  • delete a room
    A room can be deleted if it has no teams or appraisers.

The screen shot below shows a tournament that would benefit from Edit Rooms.

To display this page, pick Tournaments=>schedule, Edit Rooms red tab.  This page will only appear if you are not using the DIHQ scheduler (more here).  To edit rooms the tournament must be in setup mode.

At the end of the table are the unassigned rooms for unassigned appraisers.  As you unassign appraisers, the number of appraiser in these rooms should increase.