Creating a DI Account

To access a number of DI websites you need a DI Account.

Try to have a single DI Account.  Unlike some of DI's prior websites, you don't need multiple accounts if you hold multiple roles within the organization.  Having a single account will be helpful to both you and others.  If your AD is trying to set you up as the ACM for the theatrical challenge, it becomes difficult when she looks you up by name and finds you have multiple accounts.  Which account should she choose?

There are 2 basic ways to create an account:

  • you received an email from DI requesting you setup an account
    In this case, someone else is trying to set you up in one or more roles.  It might be your AD making you an RD, RCM, etc. or the Team Coordinator adding you as a Team Manager.  This email contains a link to help you get started and setup your role after creating the account.  Click here for more details.
  • you did not receive such an email
    Click on Welcome=>create a new account.  This menu pick is available in the Shop, the Resource Area, and the Global Finals Registration sites.

Note that each DI Account must have a unique email address.  If you try to create a new account with an email address already in use, you will be unable to create the account.  If the email address is owned by you, consider using the existing account to gain access. If you don't remember the password, have the system send you a new password.  Once you have logged in, you can change the email associated with the account using My Account=>change settings (password pane).