The Auto Assign function will look through a set of offers and assign the people where you ask.  Using this function you can assign many appraisers quickly.

It is critical to understand how Auto Assign works so you don't assign appraisers where you don't want them.

Here is how it works.

  1. the offers controlled by the Offer Filter are the offers that will reviewed for assignment
  2. the Room dropdown controls the rooms where Auto Assign places appraisers
  3. the Limit dropdown controls the maximum number of Scoring Appraisers Auto Assign will assign to a room
    Prep has a limit of 1 for TC and 0 for IC.

Auto Assign also judges how easy an appraiser might be find a job in a room.  If an offer has no preference for challenge, there are more rooms where the appraiser would fit than an offer that wants just the engineering challenge as a scoring appraiser.  Auto Assign sorts the offers to try to assign the more constrained offers first.

If Auto Assign is asked to assign both prep and scoring appraisers, it gives priority to prep.