Find a Person pick on the Administration menu is a quick way to find a person who is attending the event.

This page will search officials and teams for a person that matches your request.  As the comment on the page indicates, the search supports wildcards.  Note that this will find team members too (but not by email since we don't have team member emails).

The sample below shows a search for someone with a last name of adams.

  • Nominee indicates the person was a nominee to be an officials
  • Official indicates the person is an official
  • Certified Team typically indicates the person was a team manager for a team (they may not have had a DI Account)
  • Team indicates the person is associated with a team

If you click on the check mark you will be taken to registration for the nominee or official.  If you click on a team number (130-12345), you will be taken to the registration of the team.