The annual setup for Team Registration is best done before its first step, Certifying Winners.  Certifying winners typical begins in January or February.

Certifying Winners requires team allotments (the number of places advancing and wild-card count) are known.  DIHQ in the past has sent this information out in the fall.  The allotment information is stored in the table gf_affiliate.  Rather than changing this table directly, there is a PHP table in modules/teamreg/libraries/CertifyLib.php (function set_globals_info) designed to initialize certified winners for the year.  Please make the adjustments here.

  1. make sure you are set to the correct event
    Change Event under My Account menu.

  2. edit the PHP function set_globals_info with this year's allotments

  3. get the cost of team packages for the current year
    This information is stored in the table ev_product.  For the various package change the price.  Note that this will affect any new sales from this point.  It does not affect any item already on a bill.  If there is a need to add or remove packages, this will require some adjustment to the code.

  4. set up the time intervals for the phases of the process
    This is done using the Misc Actions pane under Administration=>manage teams.  The controls in the Team Registration Dates box control the dates when various actions on the Teams menu are open.
    • Certified Winners: there is a simple control such that ADs can or cannot certify teams 
    • Confirmation Times: controls when 
      • the confirmation of teams can start
      • the end time is the end of Team Registration
    • Registration Times: controls when teams can register
    • Payment Times: controls when teams can pay their bill
      • the start time is the start of Team Registration
      • control specified the end date for payment -- this is typically late, but tries to avoid teams saying at on event registration that "the check is in the mail"

  1. initialize certification
    This is done using the Misc Actions pane under Administration=>manage teams.  The Init Certification button will use the info from step #2 above to prepare for this year's allotments.  While you can initialize more than once, it will wipe out any certification dates recorded, so you don't want to do it after ADs have started to certify teams.