At various points in the Resource Area, you will see statuses indicating a team manager's Background Check status.

The team manager status is typical the first status encountered.  It is listed for each team manager in the table of team managers for a given team.  The team manager statuses are:

  • unknown: the background check process has not started for this team manager for this season
  • exempt: this team manager is exempt from the background check process for this season
  • in-progress: this team manager's background check in underway but has not concluded yet
  • eligible: this team manager's background check concluded successfully
  • ineligible: this team manager's background check shows some issues making them ineligible to be a team manager

The background check status indicates the status of a check being done by Sterling Volunteers.  This can be viewed by the DIHQ Staff, but is not listed for most to see.  The background check statues are:

  • invited: the person has successfully created a Sterling Volunteers account, but has not provided all the information needed to start the background check
  • pending: the background check is being conducted, but the results are not back yet
  • eligible: the person passed the background check
  • ineligible: there are issues uncovered by the background check and DIHQ determined they are not an appropriate candidate
  • shared: the person has shared an existing successful check rather than starting a new one
  • unknown: an uncommon state - try restarting the check
  • requested: an uncommon state -try restarting the check 
  • error: an error occurred when processing the background check - contact DIHQ Technical Staff

The Sterling Volunteers website also has a set of statuses for describing the state of a background check.  You would see them used in the Sterling Volunteers website provided to the DIHQ Staff to manage background checks.  The Sterling Volunteers statues we typically see are:

  • New: temporary state as Sterling collects data
  • InProgress: the check is underway but has not concluded
  • Complete/Clear: the check has concluded with no issues raised - this state is generally temporary and will automatically convert to Adjudicated/Clear
  • Complete/Consider: the check needs to be looked at by the DIHQ staff - they need to adjudicate to either eligible or ineligible - other statuses above will indicate that the check is still not concluded 
  • Adjudicated/Eligible: the check has been passed
  • Adjudicated/Ineligible: the check has uncovered issues indicating the person is ineligible