Currently most DI Team Managers are required to pass a Level 3 Background Check done by Sterling Volunteers annually to work with members of a DI team.  

In more detail:

  • most but not all Team Managers
    We say most rather than all because there are exceptions.
    • Background checks cannot be conducted in all locations around the globe.  If the team manager lives in a country such as China, Sterling Volunteers cannot conduct a reliable check for that country.  In this case the team manager is exempt.  You can find a list of the exempt countries in the Admin=>manage background checks; Misc Actions page..
    • DIHQ has made arrangements with a small number of affiliates for the affiliate to handle the background checks. Team managers managing team's in these affiliates as also exempt.  These exemptions need to be handled by the DI Staff.
    • For years prior to 2021, all team managers are marked as exempt
  • Level 2 or 3 check done by Sterling Volunteers
    All checks managed by the Resource Area must be done by Sterling Volunteers and must be at Level 2 or 3.  Such a check can be accomplished in either of 2 ways:
    • the team manager starts the process through the Resource Area to initiate a new background check
    • the team manager shares an existing Level 3 background check done by Sterling Volunteers completed within the last 12 months
      This is a more manual process where the team manager needs to log into their existing Sterling Volunteers account where they can share the existing check with DIHQ.  Once this is done, they can contact the DIHQ Staff who will update the Resource Area to note the shared check.
  • until a team manager has passed a background check, the Resource Area will limit access to information
    This includes:
    • access to some documentation such as the challenges
    • asking a clarification