How to Print a Score Sheet

The score sheet facility can be found in 2 locations:

  1. for the Resource Area (region and affiliate score sheets): documents=>create score sheets
    • ADs, AAs, RDs, ACMs, and RCMs should be able to do this for their affiliate or region
  1. for Events: Officials=>score sheets
    • To see this menu pick you either need to have access to the Resource: Score Sheets. This is granted to 2 groups:
      • administrators 
      • scoring 

The facility has 5 panes:

  1. Blank Score Sheets: to print a score sheet with no team info (suitable for labeling)
  2. Team Score Sheets: to print an individual score sheet with team info pre-printed (typically used for an uncommon score sheet at a tournament such as a deduction score sheet)
  3. Room Score Sheets: will create a series of score sheets for the appraisers in a challenge site room as a single PDF.
  4. Misc Sheet: will create useful forms (one per team in a room) for 
    1. taking notes on teams
    2. an 8.5 x 11 sheet with a single team name per sheet  useful for scores ready
  5. New Year: is designed to assist in designing score sheet for a new season (only in the Resource Area -- see the process)